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"L’appartenenza a un che, ma senza perché.
Onorificenze senza motivazione."

Wislawa Szymborska in "Scrivere il curriculum" spiega perfettamente perché i CV ormai mi stanno stretti. "A prescindere da quanto si è vissuto / il curriculum dovrebbe essere breve". Ma io ho sempre fatto più di una cosa contemporaneamente - e molte cose con una motivazione, senza onorificenza. Trovate quindi qui una selezione delle mie esperienze rubate al tempo e delle contemporanee, lineari, tappe accademiche.

Tutto ciò che stonerebbe su un CV, ma di cui sono più fiera, sta tra il mio portfolio e il mio account instagram, @narraction.

Esperienze Rubate
Accademia e Formazione

2018 - oggi

Remote Research Editor (Contractor)

Editage | Cactus Medical Communications 

- Providing editing and advice on Linguistics and Psychology-related research papers and documents for Editage's Education Center of Excellence.

Teacher (Contractor)

PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science

University of Genoa | Laboratory of Language and Cognition

- Fully-funded PhD Scholarship. PhD project: Indirect requests and cognitive functions.
- Involved in the research projects and activities of the Lab and the XPRAGit network.

 Santa Caterina da Siena College of Merit of Pavia 

- Teaching the module of Public Speaking and Presentation Making in the Research Toolbox course. 


Language Data Researcher


- Involved in the main Italian language data collection and generation project with the Alexa Machine Learning team, providing daily reports to the US.
- The team had to constantly evaluate and refine data collection tools and processes and help localize the product.

Advanced Diploma in Humanities and Life Sciences

IUSS Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia

- IUSS Pavia is one of the leading advanced schools of merit in Italy. Students are tutored through two additional theses.
- MA thesis in Psycholinguistics. Grade: Excellent. 


Research Intern

 Centrum voor Levende Talen in Leuven 

- I designed and delivered tasks for testing pragmatic abilities (speech acts) in learners of Italian as a foreign language (B1 to B2-advanced level) at the CLT Language Center in Leuven.

Master's in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

University of Pavia

- MA thesis in Second/Foreign Language Acquisition with a focus on Pragmatics. Grade: 110/110 summa cum laude. 

Founder and Author

 Il Chiasmo | 

- We founded an interdisciplinary journal on, with the aim of making science accessible to the general public.

Exchange | Advanced Master's in Linguistics

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

- Courses: Cognitive Science, Methods of Corpus Linguistics with R. 


Founder and Reviewer

The Italian Schools of Advanced Study Student Network

- The association organizes an annual peer-reviewed national undergraduate conference.

Certificate of Advanced Study in Humanities

IUSS Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia

- BA thesis in Sociolinguistics. Grade: Excellent. 


Teacher and Projects Officer

The English-Speaking Union Italy

- I organized Public Speaking competitions and workshops.
- The National Public Speaking Competition is held every year to choose the Representative from Italy for the International PSC in London.

Bachelor's in Humanities

University of Pavia

- BA thesis in Ancient Greek, with a focus on Dramaturgy. Grade: 110/110 summa cum laude. 

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